I know that a lot of people sometimes think or understand that things such as their cell phone “save their life”, however, that is not necessarily the truth. I think that for me, I can live without a cell phone, but one thing that I cannot live without is my life. I am not here to debate whether there is an afterlife or not, I am here however to debate on what pieces of technology can save your life, and which cannot.

How awesome is that? I think that drones that can save people and get people to the hospital will help save a ton of people. I think there are many other different things that can happen. Consider for example a medical emergency bracelet, it can alert a company when you are sick, dying, or in desperate need of help. How cool is that?! This is very important for people suffering from things such as diabetes, or are prone to heart attacks, or those who had a stroke. It can save their life, I would recommend that you give one to someone who needs it!

So always make sure to consider how technology can save you. I think that things are better when the technology is good, and makes practical sense. Remember too to not be embarrassed about protecting your health, which in the case of the bracelets can be done by buying a beaded medical bracelet.