As you guys know, I have been all over the world. It is a source of great pride for me. However, there are several things that I have noticed through my travels. One of the most prevelant is that the design of our world is an amazing. I think that the 1900s were actually the worst time of design, because we were changing our lifestyles so drastically. I mean think about like 1800s and 1700s design, it is amazing. Everything in 1900s though? Boring, bland, and blah!

But think about new buildings, or like buildings built in the 2000s. We have challenged what we thought about was possible with design. Take a look at like extensions to the Louvre for example. Exceptional old design built in the 1800s, with amazing modern design of today. I especially love the pyramid out front of the building! But design has gone above just public buildings. Corporate stores have also had to take a bigger account of the design to increase the customer experience, increasing the chances that they will buy. Take a look at the fore runner at corporate design, which is Apple. Premiere Apple Stores all around the world have a unique feel to them, and helps make and give international flavor to everything. Take for example this Apple Store in Shanghai:

Beautiful! Also, without a doubt a beautiful piece of China, and speaks to what China is all about today. Corporations are not the only ones who are taking design into things… everyone is! Think about something like a playground. Have you guys seen any of these new playgrounds that people are designing today?! AMAZING! So awesome. I love the idea of adventure playgrounds, what they do, what they mean, and most importantly, hwo they are designed. A Superior and safe playground design firm does great work at making playgrounds that are usable by everyone, but also allow kids to explore their imagination fully!

I also look at places like cruise ships. I love to be on cruise ships, and they have exceptional design as well! It is so cool to be on the ship because they just have this unique design that allows for their customers to experience so much… on a ship! Amazing

Anyway, I have been rambling on, go see the world, the design out there is amazing!