Apple Computers Inc carries the democratic iPhone application development policy. That supposes that users can employ both applications provided by the original seller and applications produced by third-party developers. Standard set of functions includes text notepad, SMS messaging, calendar, photos view, camera, YouTube browser, weather forecast, calculator, adjust settings, iTunes store, and Google maps. If you decide that they’ren’t enough for you and don’t meet all your requirements, you can easily develop your own application. Thanks to software development kit, which was announced in March 2008, you can express all your thoughts and create applications no worse than a professional application developer. IPhone SDK allows developers to create genuine and native applications for iPhone and iPod. This can be tested in ‘iPhone simulator’ and then debugged. The software development kit is simple to master. Developers from all parts of the world are free to make changes in any application. It takes about a year to master the iPhone application development and become a professional iPhone application programmer. But if you don’t have adequate time or desire to do it, you can hire an iPhone developer to create your own customized iPhone application which meet all your requirements.

Apple rolled out its new operating system, iOS 8, in conjunction with the brand-new iPhone 6. While it may not look a lot different on the outside, there are all sorts of hidden features. Check them out.

After one year of loneliness for Apple fans without any update for iPhone from Apple, iPhone 4S finally hits the store. You must be thinking how is it still iPhone 4; why is it not iPhone 5, but have you never heard about the quote, ‘never judge a book by its cover? ‘ Well, you can apply it here; although the physical aspect of the 2 phones looks the same, and both are iPhone 4, one with S and one without S, the features offered and the guidance of the new iPhone show significant differences. The release of the iPhone 4S goes with the introduction of iOS 5 as well. IOS 5 is the new operating system with a massive improvement, like how your iPhone connects to your computer and even an improvement on the notifications. It is also packed with new features like iCloud integration and Siri, a voice activated in-built app that acts like your own personal assistant.