Hydrostatic level sensors: Hydrostatic level sensors are machines that are used to assess the pressure created by liquids. The sensor has to be closely placed at the root of the tank or either outside the tank by connecting it to the tank via thread or a flange, for better performance and accuracy. It becomes essential that the tanks are made of compatible materials in order that they don’t damage or eat up the instrument due to the need for placing Hydrostatic level sensors close to the tank. These sensors are easy to set up and operate. Also they’re robust and reliable.

Students at Westlake High School in Waldorf, Md., participate in an interactive digital conversation with historian Kenneth C. Davis about late 19th and early 20th century American history on Thursday. The school uses a state of the art ‘telepresence center’ for students to connect with experts all over the world. The hallways at Westlake High School in Maryland are just like thousands of other school hallways around the country: kids milling around, laughing and chatting on their way to class. On …

High Tech C: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social networks, such as LinkedIn (B2B), Facebook (quickly evolving into a B2B and B2C), and Twitter (B2C and B2B) allow your house to have an online social profile or presence with its customer and fan base. These connections are individuals connecting your business in new ways? some are current or former employees and some are just customers and fans. Build your brand’s friend or fan base with content feeds or great press coverage, and grow your brand’s value through monitoring and involvement in online social networks. Social media like LinkedIn and Twitter can allow you to leverage personal and professional networking connections.